Game Structure and Design Theory

Goals of the Game

The idea behind this game is a mix of immersion and big action sequences. The campaign goal is to give the players a chance to help create their own town, and recreate the same feel of high action movies.

Inspirations for the game: Blade Runner, Aliens, Total Recall, Dredd, Eraser, Matrix, Star Control 2, Quake 3

Game Structure

After an introduction scenario, the game will follow a pattern.

The PCs will be able to run two missions an in game month. One mission will be a story mission, the other is a free mission – the PCs can choose to do another story mission or explore on their own.

Story missions will accomplish goals of building up the base and advancing the story. There are three possible major story arcs, and the more missions that are done in a particular direction will open up more of the missions in that arc, and can potentially close off other arcs.

Missions will be handed out on note cards. Free missions will be colored red, base missions will be black, and story missions will be green, yellow, and blue. Certain missions have time limits. Those may be known or unknown.

When a character dies, at first, the only option will be to make a new one. Alternative options may become available.

As story missions are done, other races and the ability to Wield may become unlocked for player use.

Game Structure and Design Theory

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